The Best Way to Flirt with a Good Looking Woman

Published: 18th February 2011
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To know how to flirt with a beautiful woman is a expertise many guys never gather or just don't get the picture. Think about it, most of guys' flirting contains phrases like "Do you live around here?", "Can I buy you another round?" and "Have you come here before?" Therefore, it's no wonder why so many men become pissed off when it comes to how to attract a good looking woman into their life.

If you're worn-out of the identical old dating advice and you are engrossed in knowing how to flirt with women, then guidelines like: making eye contact, smiling, complimenting her, etc... then these three little known tips on how to attract a good looking woman with flirting should be a breath of fresh air... ready?

The No More Mr. Nice Guy

The basis behind knowing how to flirt with a good looking woman is the comprehension of how attraction works for women: First, they are attracted to men that make them feel locked and safe and sound as well as excited at the same time. The nice guy that does everything she wants have a grave strike against them.

If you consider it: How safe would you feel with someone that did everything the way you wanted them to? This would make you think this person is submissive and probably wouldn't be the person who would be good at standing up for themselves. If you add to this the fact that women need a man to watch over them, therefore, it's easy to see why the nice guy is a dreadful spot to be in to attract women.

Consequently....No more Mr. nice guy, is now the most important dating advice you will ever hear...

Use Unpredictability

Subsequently, you need to make her feel protected and safe and sound, how do you make this sense of balance with excitement? Well, knowing how to flirt with ladies is all about being a little unpredictable and leaving her guessing about something, anything. However, you have to make sure that this unpredictability and mystery can be balanced with self-assurance and responsibility.

Achieving this is done by simply keeping your life, personality, and standards intact...even when she doesn't like them. Yes, you may lose a woman or two because of this. But, you will be surprised at how much more wanted you are when she realizes she can't control you just because you want to sleep with her.

If a woman is very appealing, she has a lot of males battling for her awareness. And, she is used to gents doing almost all she wants to get her awareness. Good looking women become bored with this, thus, if you can set yourself apart, you will be less predictable and thus more thrilling to be around.

And now the final flirting tip for men...

Tease Her When She "Tests" You

Therefore, now you know that to do anything she wants is boring to her, you should probably wonder why many women try to control their guy. It's simple, she's testing you to see if you will stay the course and be a man, or if you will just give in. Nevertheless, most men eventually fail these tests and end up on a girl's friends list.

Hence, how do you know if it's a assessment? It's actually pretty easy to notice. Most of these assessments are pretty unnecessary, or even impractical. The top way to pass any of these tests is to simply tease her in a humorous way for being silly and unreasonable. As soon as you do this, you have instinctively put yourself above about 90% of the male population.

As a result, starting today, use these three ideas and prepare to make a difference in your dating life. This way you can become the topic of conversation amongst your friends as they wonder where you learned how to flirt with ladies.

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